[pjsip] Keep getting Err=70018 (gethostbyname() has returned error (PJ_ERESOLVE))

Tzury Bar Yochay tzury.by at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 05:55:51 EST 2008

Hi Benny,

I attached the files (which contains the autos and stack-trace) so
data wont get lost over different formatter on the way to the
Your fanatic support is highly impressed I am sure this library will
gain a tremendous popularity owe to your deep commitment!

Thanks a million - Tzury

pjsua_wince.exe!pj_gethostbyname(pj_str_t* hostname = 0x001b9f20,
pj_hostent* phe = 0x1c1fefe8) Line: 40, Byte Offsets: 0xa8	C

pjsua_wince.exe!pj_getaddrinfo(int af = 2, pj_str_t* nodename =
0x001b9f20, unsigned int* count = 0x1c1ff01c, pj_addrinfo* ai =
0x1c1ff024) Line: 133, Byte Offsets: 0x8c	C

pjsua_wince.exe!pj_gethostip(int af = 2, pj_sockaddr* addr =
0x1c1ff240) Line: 456, Byte Offsets: 0x60	C

pjsua_wince.exe!create_sip_udp_sock(int af = 2, pj_str_t* bind_param =
0x1c1ff3d8, int port = 5060, long int* p_sock = 0x1c1ff2e0,
pj_sockaddr* p_pub_addr = 0x1c1ff240) Line: 1308, Byte Offsets:
0x420	C

pjsua_wince.exe!pjsua_transport_create(pjsip_transport_type_e type =
1, pjsua_transport_config* cfg = 0x1c1ff3cc, int* p_id = 0x1c1ff420)
Line: 1391, Byte Offsets: 0x19c	C

pjsua_wince.exe!OnInitStack(void) Line: 379, Byte Offsets: 0x400	C++

pjsua_wince.exe!InitInstance(HINSTANCE__* hInstance = 0x77725aa2, int
nCmdShow = 5) Line: 521, Byte Offsets: 0x2c	C++

pjsua_wince.exe!WinMain(HINSTANCE__* hInstance = 0x77725aa2,
HINSTANCE__* hPrevInstance = 0x00000000, wchar_t* lpCmdLine =
0x1c1ffed8, int nCmdShow = 5) Line: 455, Byte Offsets: 0x1c	C++

pjsua_wince.exe!WinMainCRTStartup(HINSTANCE__* hInstance = 0x1c1fef3c,
HINSTANCE__* hInstancePrev = 0x001b9f34, unsigned short* lpszCmdLine =
0x1c1fef45, int nCmdShow = 0) Line: 21, Byte Offsets: 0x38	C

+		copy	0x1c1fef3c "Pocket_PC"	char[128]

		copy[hostname->slen]	0 ''	char

+		he	0x00000005 {h_name=0x00000000 h_aliases=0x00000000 h_addrtype=0
...}	hostent*

-		hostname	0x001b9f20 {ptr=0x001b9f28 slen=9}	pj_str_t*

-		ptr	0x001b9f28 "Pocket_PC"	char*

		*(hostname->ptr)	80 'P'	char

		slen	9	long int

		hostname->slen	9	long int
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