[pjsip] how to keep downstream port still there after destroy resample port

Gang Lau gangban.lau at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 03:42:05 EDT 2008

    We want to stream audio to remote network program.
    There are two sound devices. One is opened as 44100 clockrate, the other
is opened as 16000 clockrate.
    The media stream we created is using G.711 U-LAW.

    snd_port_44k  -----
                                switching  ----- g.711 stream
    snd_port_16k   ----

    We need switch the snd port connected to stream based on the application
request. Yes, I could create a conference bridge and plug
    three media port above to slove it. But I am wonder whether I cound
create resample port when switching snd device instead of conf bridge.
Destroy resample port will also destroy downstream port.Could we only
destroy resample port itself?


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