[pjsip] Deadlocks

Turnaev Eugeny turnaev at t72.ru
Fri Jul 4 06:09:47 EDT 2008

I am completly stucked :(

My application keeps freezing
at different points, though those 
points always calls to py_pjsua. functions.

I am using very simple approch,
just main thread.. which is making a calls
to py_pjsua.* (like creating a calls, players.. connecting ports)

and a second thread is worker thread for pjsua.

Is there any sequence of steps to avoid deadlocks?
I know that internally there are mutexes and
there is 4 steps in which order to aquire them, but this
is not userfull for me i am working from python layer.

Now as a last resort i am going to try to wrap
all calls to py_pjsua.* into self.lock.aquire() .. so that only 
one call  to pjsua at time will be possible. really hope
it will help :(

(App freezing after 10-sec up to 4-5 minues of work.. depends on
number of simul calls.. if i set 1 call at time it can work for days)

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