[pjsip] NAT traversal implementation

Enrico De Razza ederazza at yahoo.it
Fri Jul 11 13:53:37 EDT 2008

Hello folk!

I'm a student and I'm doing a research on the NAT traversal problem in order to achieve a direct p2p communication.
the study of the relative RFC and Drafts, I've come to a solution for
my project, and now I'd like to use the pj_libraries for NAT traversal.
I've studied yet the version 0.8 of pjstun_client (in order to perform
NAT detection), but now I've to go further and try to traverse the NAT.
wished to use UDP Hole Punching, and ICE seems to work even better
because realize a UDP hole punch with the exchange of both local and
mapped address: is all right or I'm wrong?
My probem is that I don't know how to start using ICE after performing the detection.
thanks to the changes made in the APIs version 0.9, I need to modify
the first part of the code... and a lot of attributes are lost (like
Would you please clarify me those aspects?
Could anyone explain me how to proceed?
I think that:
I've to start with the pj_ice_strans_create(), and then call the pj_ice_strans_init_ice() and finally pj_ice_strans_start_ice().
Is that all right?
And what about the pj_ice_strans_cfg_default() and pj_ice_strans_send_to()?
Shall I've to call the pj_ice_strans_cfg_default() from within the pj_ice_strans_init_ice()?
I hope anyone would clarify me the libraries...

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