[pjsip] Plugging/unplugging headphones on Mac

Alexei Kuznetsov eofster at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 20:47:02 EDT 2008


I'm testing pjsua from pjproject-0.8.0 on iMac and MacBook Pro both  
running Mac OS 10.5. When headphones are being plugged or unplugged,  
I'm getting this:

Assertion failed: (!"Calling pjlib from unknown/external thread. You  
must " "register external threads with pj_thread_register() " "before  
calling any pjlib functions."), function pj_thread_this, file ../src/ 
pj/os_core_unix.c, line 519.

The question is should I read more and learn things about threads :)  
and make a step down from pjsua api to pjlib api, or this is a  
PortAudio issue?

The most important thing for me is make my program survive when  
headphones jack is being plugged. But switching sound to them after  
plugging would be also great.

Alexei Kuznetsov

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