[pjsip] Problem with PJSIP on Windows Mobile

hyd1_shikha hyd1_shikha at sancharnet.in
Thu May 1 02:09:21 EDT 2008

Dear Benny,
Hi !!! this is Prasad . I am facing

problem with Windows mobile with PJSIP software.  

Could you please help us in resolved the problem. I am

using 3cx sip server. I am getting the request time

out message continuously.

With the emulator it is working fine with out any

problem. However, when I run thru Mobile independently and try to

connect to the 3cx SIP server on public IP address, it doesnt work.


Please find enclosed configuration settings. Can you

give your configuration settings with working on

Windows mobile







// Basic config.


#define SIP_PORT        5060




// Destination URI (to make call, or to subscribe



#define SIP_DST_URI     "sip:1000 at"



// Account


#define HAS_SIP_ACCOUNT 1       // 0 to disable registration

#define SIP_DOMAIN      ""

#define SIP_REALM       "3CXPhoneSystem"

#define SIP_USER        "10001"

#define SIP_PASSWD      "10001"



// Outbound proxy for all accounts


#define SIP_PROXY       NULL

//#define SIP_PROXY     "sip:;lr"




// Configure nameserver if DNS SRV is to be used with

both SIP

// or STUN (for STUN see other settings below)


#define NAMESERVER      NULL

//#define NAMESERVER    ""



// STUN server


#if 1

        // Use this to have the STUN server resolved normally

#   define STUN_DOMAIN  NULL

#   define STUN_SERVER  NULL

//#   define STUN_SERVER        "stun.fwdnet.net"

#elif 0

        // Use this to have the STUN server resolved with DNS


#   define STUN_DOMAIN  "iptel.org"

#   define STUN_SERVER  NULL


        // Use this to disable STUN

#   define STUN_DOMAIN  NULL

#   define STUN_SERVER  NULL




// Use ICE?


#define USE_ICE         1
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