[pjsip] PJSIP on Windows Mobile: How to use Earpiece for Audio Playback

Nanang Izzuddin nanang at pjsip.org
Wed May 7 09:49:24 EDT 2008

In case you haven't seen, there is discussion about this:
It seems the audio route switching is only supported for cell call.
This seems to be long time problem for WM VoIP developers.
I've heard there is a VoIP application handles this by setting very
low volume of speaker to imitate earpiece impression.


2008/5/7 girish_kumar <girish_kumar at infosys.com>:
> We are using PJSIP's wince build on Windows Mobile 6 Professional platform
> running on HTC Touch. I am able to hear Voice during the call from Rear
> Loudspeaker but not able to find any way to play the voice from Front
> Earpiece. Windows Wave API (PortAudio is also internally using the same)
> seems to be not providing any support to access earpiece for Audio Playback.
> I am sure someone else using PJSIP on WM or Pocket PC Phone also must have
> faced this issue.
> Is there any way to achieve audio playback of VoIP call through Front
> Earpiece? If not, has Microsoft released any official wording/note on this
> limitation and whether they are planning to add this support in near future?
> Thanks in Advance,
> ~Girish
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