[pjsip] PJSIP & LAN

Ayman Farouk aymanfm at gmail.com
Fri May 9 01:04:41 EDT 2008

Hey Alan,

Thanks for your immediate reply! Kindly, find my inline answers below.

>>Hi Ayman,

>>Let's see now ...
>>1. You're running it in a Win CE emulator
    Windows mobile 5 emulator
>>2. Xlite is running on the PC itself, you're not using old discontinued CE
     X-lite runs on the PC itseld ( >>windows vista)
>>3. You can't see anything in WireShark, which is on same or different PC?
    ( WireShark on the same PC with X-lite >>and the emulator)

>>Is the emulator actually getting to the wire?
>>Can WireShark see other packets from emulator (e.g. HTTP from the CE
    Yes, wireshak detecs all other >>packet from and to the emulator ( HTTP,
>>I'm not familiar with pjsipDLL or using PJSIP on WinCE so best if I butt
out here.
    Actually, it's just like when >>I call the registerAccount() method, it
returns ( 1 or 2 ) as the     PjAccountId!

>>I'm sure sasa or Benny will pick this up ...

>>Wish you luck though!
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