[pjsip] 408 after 30 seconds on answering a call

Dave spawnage at gmail.com
Fri May 9 05:17:02 EDT 2008


I've just started using pjsip and have build upon the simple_pjsua example.
I've made a small gui application that can call and answer.
However I've run into a weird problem.
Whenever I answer an incoming call, everything seems to work
correctly, but after around 30 seconds the call is disconnected on the
answering side with a 408 code.
I'm assuming this is because I am not doing a required action on the
answering side, but I can't figure out what this might be.

This problem happens when using my application on both sides, calling
and answering, but also when using an existing softphone like SJPhone.

Thanks in advance,

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