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DeMoore, Phillip Phillip.DeMoore at northgate-is.com
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Are you using Wifi on the device?

 I did think that activesync desktop passthrough (using USB cable) only
worked for http traffic.




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Hey Alan, 

Thanks for your reply. Following the link you have referred to and
reading its posts. I end up having a bigger problem :) .. two methods
were mentioned in that link on how to connect the emulator, the first
method which doesn't send anything to the server is the one I use..
while the second, which was reported as "working" .. is not supported by
the emulator anymore :s !! However, the same problem continues when I
try to debug on a real device!



Still waiting for that picture - with IP addresses, masks and who's
serving who with DHCP, etc. :-).

If I remember correctly (and it's been a long time, I'm really not your
man here) the WinCE emulator by default operates a virtual network
inside your PC on a different subnet and serves up the emulated device
with an IP address in this range.  It also has a virtual HTTP proxy with
one foot in this virtual network and the other on your PC's real IP
address.  This allows you to browse from the browser in the emulated
device to the outside world but is no use to VoIP at all.  That is
probably why you can see HTTP related stuff in WireShark but not SIP
traffic on port 5060, etc.

Have a look at this thread in the archive, which sounds very similar to
what you're saying ...


Read through all the posts in this thread and make sure you have all the
bases covered, there's a lot of detail here.


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