[pjsip] unknown/external thread

Samuel Vinson samuelv at laposte.net
Tue May 13 03:27:10 EDT 2008


I'm using the last version in trunk of pjsip.
When I use pjsua I receive this assertion :

Assertion failed: (!"Calling pjlib from unknown/external thread. You 
must " "register external threads with pj_thread_register() " "before 
calling any pjlib functions."), function pj_thread_this, file 
../src/pj/os_core_unix.c, line 620.

For information line 620: pj_thread_this() function

I don't think this is a problem of pj_thread_register, but perhaps some 
pthread functions don't work correctly on Ipod/iphone.

I think that the topic has already been discussed on the mailing list 
but I don't find when :-(

What do you think ?


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