[pjsip] Segmentation fault in resample_port.c

Mathieu Monney zittix_all at xwaves.net
Tue May 13 07:57:45 EDT 2008


I'm trying to develop a gstreamer audio back-end for PJSIP but I get a 
seg fault in the resampling stuffs When I use the rec/play examples my 
audio driver works just fine but when I'm using pjsua it seg fault.
I'm using PJSIP release 0.8.0. The seg fault comes from the fact that in 
the resampling port the frame size in byte is equal to twice the frame 
size in my audio driver.

In the resample_get_frame() function in file resample_port.c at line 177 
the size is equal to 320 (for my case). In my audio driver I compute the 
frame size as following:

which gives half the value above. But my computation seems correct. Is a 
bug or am I missing something ?

Thank you.


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