[pjsip] Best deployment for a new audio driver

Mathieu Monney zittix_all at xwaves.net
Wed May 14 04:35:28 EDT 2008


As I said in my previous message I'm currently developing a Gstreamer 
back.end for PJSIP which is working quite fine now. I am wondering how 
is the best configuration option form y driver. For now I have put a 
--enable-gstreamer option in the autoconf script which disable all other 
audio backend and enable my own one. Is it a good idea ? And finally is 
my driver is interesting someone ?
The major improvement of my driver to PJSIP is to enable its port to the 
Nokia Maemo platform.

I have another question about the current stability of the SVN version. 
Is it reasonable to use it in a project that should be stable ?

Thank you.


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