[pjsip] Registration with pjsip-lib, pjsip_regc_init

Damien Herraud d.herraud at gmail.com
Thu May 15 13:10:12 EDT 2008


 I try to register on an IMS network (in a LAN) using pjsip-lib (and not
pjsua, following a discussion I had on this list). I try to use *
pjsip_regc_init* function but I don't understand what I have to put in the
"contact" string in argument.
 I have seen that this is not just a URI thanks to *
pjsua_acc_create_uac_contact* source code. But I don't understand what kind
of contact I have to put in there. Is this a sort of buddy list or do I have
to also put SIP proxies ?

 By the way, it is a bit hard to use pjsip-lib to simply register since
example from simple-pjsua uses a lot of pjsua related code, which seems
obvious. Is there any pure pjsip-lib example ?


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