[pjsip] WM5 Voice Quality Issues!

Nanang Izzuddin nanang at pjsip.org
Wed May 21 18:15:57 EDT 2008

Hi Ayman,

Did you notice any possibility of both devices were echoing each
other? Try to physically separate them, e.g: put them in different
room, and lower both speaker volume, or just put on their
handsfree/headset, this can avoid audio loop e.g: from speaker of
device 1 to mic of device 2 sent via RTP to device 1 then played on
the speaker of device 1 and so on.

If the noise is gone but you still experience half duplex call, then
you can disable echo suppression as in my previous mail. Echo
suppression works based on the VAD.


2008/5/22 Ayman Farouk <aymanfm at gmail.com>:
> Hey Nanang,
> Thanks for your reply. I don't really know to describe this problem clearly.
> But what I get is a lot of NOISE, I hear TICKS, and a half duplex call. And
> BTW, does VAD have something to do with this? and if yes, how can I disable
> it?
> --
> a.
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