[pjsip] Plans for nice gui support

Roland Klabunde roland.klabunde at freenet.de
Mon May 26 14:09:26 EDT 2008


SIPEK does currently not work under CE. Potentially yes, but I gave up 
porting, because there is/was no stable version in sight.


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> On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 12:44 PM, Piotr Sobonski
> <piotr.sobonski at cnri.dit.ie> wrote:
>> Yes, but this solution is available for Windows/WinCE platform.
>> I thought that someone is trying to develop multi-platform GUI like SIP
>> itself.
>> For example instead of using .NET C# for GUI we can use QT to build it.
> I think from me, it's only fair to say that GUI probably is the least
> that we worry about. So we have no plan to have a nice GUI on desktop
> very soon. I hope some will see this as an opportunity to fill in the
> gap. ;-)
> Cheers
> Benny
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