[pjsip] Question about DTMF's

Dave spawnage at gmail.com
Thu May 29 03:48:08 EDT 2008


I'm working on a connection between a pjsip application and cisco
callmanager express.
I'm currently trying to get DTMF messages from the CCME to my
application but have so far had no success.

Now as far as i understand it, pjsip supports detection of incoming
DTMF messages only via the SIP-Info method. CCME prefers to use a
proprietary SIP-notify method, so I would guess the pjsip doesn't
support this?
Currently, during call setup, debug info from the CCME shows that the
chosen method of sending DTMF messages is in-band. The CCME indicates
it's preferred method is SIP-Notify, but pjsip tells it to use

My main question:
How can I change the prefered way of pjsip to SIP-Info, or Notifiy if
that happens to be supported?

Thanks in advance,

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