[pjsip] SDP negociation without using pjmedia codecs, transport.

Damien Herraud d.herraud at gmail.com
Thu May 29 11:19:02 EDT 2008


 Now I managed registration with pure pjsip functions (no pjsua), I am
focusing on making a  "call". It is not a real call since I want to use the
video streamer VLC to send a video. VLC will take care of codecs and RTP
transport, as well as display and sound.

 My question is concerning how to manage SDP negociation. Apparently,
everything is well detailed in pjmedia documentation, with the possibilty of
manually creating a SDP session descriptor, and then the ability to use
functions to negociate with it.
 However I will only use pjmedia for SDP since everything else will be
handled by VLC, is it the right way to do or should I get rid of pjmedia ?


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