[pjsip] Symbian ring/answer

Nanang Izzuddin nanang at pjsip.org
Sat May 31 01:39:19 EDT 2008

Yes, currently no ring tone for incoming call played.

Regarding one way voice and looped back voice, did you make call
across different network, e.g: Internet - LAN? Since the application
is not equipped with NAT traversal (there is ICE actually but

Regarding the call 'auto' expired very quickly, it sounds like the ACK
from peer is not delivered to E61 correctly, and it comes to timeout
waiting for call ACK/confirmation.

It would be more helpful to analyze the problem if the log file is
reported. To generate the log file, you need to specify
log_cfg.log_filename for the pjsua_init(), for ex:
log_cfg.log_filename = pj_str("c:\\data\\pjsua.log"); Thus, you can
get the log file by browsing the root directory of Symbian folder from
your PC while PC Suite is activated.


2008/5/31 Sen Heng <Sen.Heng at tom.com>:
> Hi Nanang,
> I got it working now ! Thank you and Benny for great work!
> When I make the call, I can get full conversation, everything is perfect!
> But when I receive a all, the E61 don't have ring tone and no sound on E61's
> earpiece(I can't hear anything from E61). The voice is looping at another
> end. Also, the call expired very quick.
> Any instructions would be really appreciate!
> Thanks a mill,
> Sen
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