[pjsip] unable to run Console Symbian_ua.exe on Emulator in PJSIP 1.1

varun pratapsingh varunps2003 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 08:23:52 EDT 2009


I am compiling the PJSIP 1.1 for the symbian OS. I am using carbide 2.0
developer version. The code compiles properly and build for EMULATOR WINSCW
is successful but when try to debug it on the emulator. I dont get the main
menu screen printed for the options to make call and other things. Only I
get a blue console screen on the emulator with the message [Press Any key to

I am new to the Symbian Platform please help me out in this issue, and I am
sorry for some silly questions.

Thanks in advance....

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