[pjsip] Unable to change PREFIX in a build process

Marcin Zajączkowski mszpak at wp.pl
Sat Aug 1 15:06:44 EDT 2009

On Sat, 1 Aug 2009 20:33:17 +0200 Saúl Ibarra wrote:

> > Do you plan to fix it in the predictable future?
> >
> I just fixed the paths to make a deb package, not for general
> purpouse, maybe if I find the time I could try to do it... althought
> my Makefile skills aren't that good :)

I'm Fedora package maintainer and I try to minimize number of patches
that are available in SPEC file. It's nice to have those things fixed
at a mainstream level, not to maintain a number of patches for every
new release.
Would it be a problem for pjprotect's authors to fix it in their SVN?
It should be easier than patching sources in every distribution.

> > Being packaged in a distribution main repository is rather good for
> > a project.
> >
> If you like you can try the debian package in this repository:
> deb http://deb.sipdoc.net debian main

Unfortunately I don't use Debian, but I think that many Debian user
will be glad that you made a package for them :)


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