[pjsip] problem with TLS

Tzury Bar Yochay tzury.by at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 05:18:57 EDT 2009


For a few days already I am trying to activate the TLS feature in PJSIP.
My server is FreeSwitch and was compiled to support the TLS and SRTP.
When I using closed source soft phones, the server does support it.

However, when I try to use the pjsua
(./pjproject/pjsip-apps/bin/pjsua-i686-pc-linux-gnu) i am observing a
weird behavior.
I am sniffing with wireshark and sees the the TLSv1 packets (Client
Hello, Client Key Exchange, etc.) when the client logs in.
However, when I try to make a call to another party, I see that the
INVITE  is sent as clear text, i.e. plain simple SIP.

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