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Jose Suarez jsuarez at padirac.com.ar
Sat Aug 8 02:33:16 EDT 2009

Hi all,
I want to program an automatic dialer using pjLib, I'm using the pjsua example for do this. But I have a doubt. My automatic dialer only need to make a call and play a message, I want to run 'x' number of threads, that is my dialer has 'x' number of thread, each one make a call to a specified number and then play a message, the question is: Do I need one dsp for each play message? I think no, because the file is already sampled and I want to pass via RTP only that samples, is that true? 
Another question, Why the pjsua_call_make_call function need to retrieve the audio device? When I execute the pjsua example it fails because the following error: "Error retrieving default audio device parameters: Unable to find dafult audio device"? If I want to make a Call using SIP why does it need an audio device? So If I want to do a lot of call simultaneusly I need one audio device for each thread??? How can I configure that??

Thanks In advace, I'm very newbie in VOIP!!!!!!!! HEEEELPPPP!!!

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