[pjsip] Not Receiving Audio Events.

kalyan kumar rushto_kalyan at yahoo.co.in
Sun Aug 9 11:36:58 EDT 2009


I'm using pjsip stack on a windows mobile 6.1. (HTC diamond touch)
While making a call I have only one way media. I'm initializing the capture stream properly with the proper callbacks for the events.
When the call is made the callbacks for the playback stream are getting invoked properly  but the callbacks for the capture stream are not invoked.

Moment I connect the headset in the middle of the active call, things work fine. 
There after everything would work, meaning  media is observed on both sides even if the headset is removed.( Capture stream callbacks are getting invoked)

I suspect there could be something going wrong with the initialization of the device parameters.

Any info would be 



Thanks in Advance.

Regards,K.Kalyan Kumar

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