[pjsip] TCP/TLS transport

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Mon Aug 10 10:01:57 EDT 2009

jay bing schrieb:
> hi
> does someone familier with any simple paper/presentation about SIP over 
> streaming transport like TCP/TLS
> please don't refer me to the RFC
> ...
> in general, regarding TCP my quastion is how does the transport "know" 
> about the end of each msg, i.e. how streaming is used to send/recieve msg?
> is there any marker for beginning/end of msg?

You just read fromt the socket until double CRLF is received (that's the 
end of the headers). Then check the value of the content-length header 
and read that many bytes from the socket.

> about TLS, is there anything diffrent then regular TCP inside the msg 
> beside the Socket handeling which is done by the basic layer (i.e. 
> openssl of SecureSocket is the symbian case?)

not really, except that the contact header and via will have TLS instead 
of TCP and the application should do some certificate validation (e.g. 
if the domain in the certificate is the same as the domain in the 
request URI).


> thanks
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