[pjsip] DTMF inputs sent are not getting detected

Amritha Nambiar Amritha_Nambiar at infosys.com
Thu Aug 13 00:47:31 EDT 2009

Hi All,

           I am using inband method to send DTMF digits and am calling an IVR system to process my DTMF inputs to test this. But I am encountering some issues with this as the digits I am sending are detected in a very inconsistent manner. Some of the digits I am sending are not detected at all, while some are detected repeatedly and in some cases only about half of the digits sent are detected. On testing with X-lite to hear the sounds for the dtmf inputs, the sounds are heard feebly at the far end.

 Below is a snippet of the code I have used to implement this. I have called the pjmedia_tonegen_play_digits api with the paremeter 'pjdigits' of pjmedia_tone_digit type to play the digits that are being sent.

    pjdigits[i].digit = digits[i] /**< The ASCI identification for the digit.     */;
    pjdigits[i].on_msec = 150;  /**< Playback ON duration, in miliseconds.        */
    pjdigits[i].off_msec = 200; /**< Playback OFF duration, ini miliseconds.    */
    pjdigits[i].volume = 0; /**< Volume (1-32767), or 0 for default, which
                         PJMEDIA_TONEGEN_VOLUME = 12288 will be used.       */

      I have also tried with different combinations of the values for on_msec (Playback ON duration) and off_msec (Playback OFF duration).  Why are my dtmf inputs not being recognized properly? Any suggestion or direction would be greatly appreciated.


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