[pjsip] How to use bluetooth headset on Windows Mobile 6

oneneno at gmx.net oneneno at gmx.net
Fri Aug 14 09:37:24 EDT 2009

I have used 
status = pjsua_set_snd_dev(8, 8); // no sound
status = pjsua_set_snd_dev(6, 8);

to set Bluetooth device but it doesn't work. sound goes only through speaker.

Device 0, M - Input (capture=2, playback=0)
Device 1, A (capture=1, playback=0)
Device 2, M - Output (capture=0, playback=2)
Device 3, A (capture=0, playback=1)
Device 4, B (capture=0, playback=2)
Device 5, Wave mapper (capture=2, playback=2)
Device 6, Audio Input (capture=1, playback=0)
Device 7, Audio Output (capture=0, playback=1)
Device 8, Bluetooth Advanced Audio Output (capture=0, playback=2)


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