[pjsip] PJNATH problem

yaron natan yaron.natan at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 12:07:57 EDT 2009



I have completed building my NAT traversal solution and I am stuck with one
problem.  I'll appreciate if you can help me.


The problem is that when testing between two PCs everything is o.k and ICE
succeeds, but when working with a Wireless Modem it fails. Both peers start
ICE negotiation almost simultaneously (around 1 second difference). When
capturing the packets on both sides, one side gets an ICMP destination
unreachable (port unreachable) reply and ICE negotiation fails. 


I have tried almost everything and still without success.  


BTW, I am using PJNATH version 1.3. 


I thought that ICE fails because packets arrive to remote side before the
hole-punching starts, so I added reties when ICE fails, but still no


Have you encountered with such problem? 


Thanks a lot in advanced,




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