[pjsip] question about changing interface in the middle of session

임영빈 ovinee at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 12:35:33 EDT 2009

I'm trying to implement an application that is able to change network
interface in the middle of a session depending on the network quality of
 each interface.
I'm modifying "simpleua" pjsip sample for this. Actually, I'm very new to
SIP and pjsip.
I found in some papers that "re-invite" message can be used, and some
mobility protocols are implemented using SIP.

My question is what and how I should do besides sending reinvite message.
Just sending reinvite message by pjsip_inv_reinvite,pjsip_inv_send_msg with
the interface address that I'm trying to use didn't work, even though a  200
response was received from the receiver.

I guess there are several functions that have to be implememented like this.
1) After receiving reinvite, the receiver sends the response message.
2) After receiving response message, the reinvite sender sends ACK.
3) After receiving the ACK for response message, the receiver updates the ip
address of the reinvite sender
4) After receiving the response message, the sender of the reinvite updates
its address for the session.
(I'm not sure these are correct)
According to my test, 1),2) were automatically done without any need for an
additional implementation.
I guess 3), 4) should be implemented additionally. How can I do these?
Or is there any other function that I should implement?

Thank you.

YoungBin Im
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