[pjsip] TCP IPv6 bug

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Thu Aug 20 04:06:56 EDT 2009

(resent - as Benny is back, so it don't get lost :-)


I have a problem with TCP and IPv6. Although I created transport with
    pjsua_transport_create(PJSIP_TRANSPORT_TCP6, ...);
pjsip binds to IPv4:

tcplis:5060  SIP TCP listener ready for incoming connections at
pjsua_acc.c  Account sip:klaus.darilion at sip.labs.nic.at added with id 0
pjsua_acc.c  Unable to generate suitable Contact header for
registration: Unknown error 171060 [status=171060]
pjsua_acc.c  Unable to create registration: Unknown error 171060

btw: In pjsua, IPv6 for TCP is missing completely.


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