[pjsip] Two minor bugs and a request.

John Ridges jridges at masque.com
Fri Aug 21 13:55:21 EDT 2009

Hi Benny,

Bug #1: PJ_SOL_TCP gives the wrong value in Windows. Or at least it does 
with my VC 2005 compiler. It seems that an "enum"ed symbol is not 
"#defined". Go figure.

Bug #2: In Windows NT, pj_ioqueue_accept with a value of NULL for 
"local" will return an error if there is a connection immediately 
available instead of connecting to it. It looks like it's calling 
"getsockname" with a null address pointer.

Request: It would be really cool if there was a PJ_TCP_NODELAY.


John Ridges

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