[pjsip] Adding video to PJSIP by libvlc

youssef azzouzi sidimoulay2000 at hotmail.fr
Mon Aug 24 03:13:03 EDT 2009

Hi Muge,

I see in the code that there are some unused variables like "lvlcport" "lvlcip" and "si", can I delete them to stop the warning messages?
Regarding VLC tutorial, it is complecated for me and there are lot of things that I will not need, all what I have to do is to catch the video from camera and send it with a pjsip call to an other SIP application which supports video's call, what is the simple way to do it? Can I find something like: http://lists.pjsip.org/pipermail/pjsip_lists.pjsip.org/2009-January/005838.html  ?


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