[pjsip] SIP call with 3 streams

Kresten Tolstrup kt at danphone.com
Mon Aug 24 04:55:42 EDT 2009


I have ask the question once before, but maybe it was not clear enough.

We want to make one SIP call, from a PC, with 3 streams, one up stream and
two downstreams. We use the soundcard in the PC. The up stream is from the
microphone, and the downstreams are to the loudspeaker, one for the left
channel, and one for the right channel.

The questions are:
Is this possible with the JPSIP stack?

If it is possible, how do we then send the one stream to the left channel
loudspeaker, and the other stream to the right channel loudspeaker?

Best Regards
Kresten Tolstrup

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