[pjsip] via header and TLS on a Freeswitch PBX

Pierre-Luc Bacon pierre-luc.bacon at savoirfairelinux.com
Mon Aug 24 11:36:59 EDT 2009

I am implementing TLS transport from the PJSIP library and ran over a
via header problem while trying to register to Freeswitch server. 

>From the debug output on the freeswitch box I see: 
"nta: Via check: invalid transport "SIP/2.0/tls" from"

Where is from the the softphone that is implementing

Digging into the freeswitch source code, I saw that this message was
coming from 


where they do "[...]!su_strmatch(v->v_protocol, tpv->v_protocol)", and
su_strmatch is a wrapper over strcmp.

It turns out that "SIP/2.0/tls" (pjsip) is compared with
"SIP/2.0/TLS" (sofia) and strcmp being case sensitive, the match fails. 

I tried to look in RFC3261 to see what was said about that but I
couldn't find it exactly. I'm pretty sure that PJSIP is doing it right
and that the via header should be processed in a case-insensitive way. 

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