[pjsip] subscribe to sip server with diffrent port then 5060

nir elkayam nir.elkayam at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 14:18:55 EDT 2009


my server port is diffrent then 5060. i can register and make calls but it
seems that in the presence the port is hard-coded:

PJ_DEF(pj_status_t) pjsua_buddy_add( const pjsua_buddy_config *cfg,
     pjsua_buddy_id *p_buddy_id)

    if (pjsua_var.buddy[index].port == 0)
pjsua_var.buddy[index].port = 5060;

i tryied to change it but i am not sure that is all i need to do as i don't
get notification from the server.
is there other thing that need to be changed?

thanks in advance,
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