[pjsip] Adding video to PJSIP by libvlc

Youssef AZZOUZI sidimoulay2000 at hotmail.fr
Tue Aug 25 06:45:39 EDT 2009


I changed the code to adjust it into my case to this:

if (call_info.state == PJSIP_INV_STATE_CONFIRMED)

        pjmedia_session *si = pjsua_call_get_media_session(call_id);

        const pjmedia_sdp_session *remote_sdp;
        const pjmedia_sdp_session *local_sdp;
        pj_status_t status;
        pjsua_call *call;
        pjsip_dialog *dlg;
//        char *lvlcip;
        char *rvlcip;

//        int lvlcport;
        int rvlcport;

        status = acquire_call("on_call_state()", call_id, &call, &dlg);
        if (status != PJ_SUCCESS){
        printf("acquire call edemedik\n\n");

        status = pjmedia_sdp_neg_get_active_remote(call->inv->neg,&remote_sdp);
        if (status != PJ_SUCCESS){
        printf("Remote SDP alamadik\n\n");
        status = pjmedia_sdp_neg_get_active_local(call->inv->neg,&local_sdp);
        if (status != PJ_SUCCESS){
        printf("Local SDP alamadik\n\n");

     rvlcip = (char *) malloc ( remote_sdp->conn->addr.slen + 1);
     rvlcip[remote_sdp->conn->addr.slen] = '\0';

/* show ip and port nbre */

     printf("Remote IP %s \n\n", rvlcip );
     rvlcport = remote_sdp->media[0]->desc.port;
     printf("Remote Port %d \n\n", rvlcport );

/* store ip and port nbre to use them later */

    FILE * entree;
    entree = fopen("/home/ucef/Bureau/zonedetest/text.txt", "w");
    fprintf (entree,"rvlcip=%s\n  rvlcport=%d\n",rvlcip,rvlcport); 

before when I have had:
     rvlcport = remote_sdp->media[1]->desc.port;
The PJSIP closed just after the call is confirmed, I changed it into:
     rvlcport = remote_sdp->media[0]->desc.port;
And the problem is solved, but it returns me the number of port audio, can I stream the video to this port+1 and it will be shown on X-lite?

If it can help:
When I pass a call I get this:

o=- 4 2 IN IP4
s=CounterPath X-Lite 3.0
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 15194 RTP/AVP 0 8 101
a=fmtp:101 0-15
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000

--end msg--
 12:29:22.291    pjsua_app.c  Call 3 state changed to CONNECTING
 12:29:22.292  strm0x86e5474  VAD temporarily disabled
 12:29:22.292  strm0x86e5474  Encoder stream started
 12:29:22.292  strm0x86e5474  Decoder stream started
 12:29:22.295  pjsua_media.c  Media updates, stream #0: PCMU (sendrecv)
 12:29:22.295   conference.c  Port 1 (ringback) stop transmitting to port 0 (Intel 82801AA-ICH: Intel 82801AA-ICH (hw:0,0))
 12:29:22.295   conference.c  Port 3 (sip:101 at transmitting to port 0 (Intel 82801AA-ICH: Intel 82801AA-ICH (hw:0,0))
 12:29:22.295   conference.c  Port 0 (Intel 82801AA-ICH: Intel 82801AA-ICH (hw:0,0)) transmitting to port 3 (sip:101 at
 12:29:22.295    pjsua_app.c  Media for call 3 is active
 12:29:22.295   pjsua_core.c  TX 329 bytes Request msg ACK/cseq=17447 (tdta0x86e9038) to UDP
ACK sip:101 at SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport;branch=z9hG4bKPjeen.51w2gZaQUXu6qh8N5cATxVnuA33b
Max-Forwards: 70
From: sip:100 at;tag=eJib-NS5y6fJOHSgsptfBhFlyoswTZxB
To: sip:101 at;tag=6a231b74
Call-ID: f8T9ktOvsnA3N1h6PAi2hwW.2rIMajJX
CSeq: 17447 ACK
Content-Length:  0

--end msg--
Remote IP 

Remote Port 15194 

 12:29:22.298    pjsua_app.c  Call 3 state changed to CONFIRMED
 12:29:23.009  strm0x86e5474  VAD re-enabled
 12:29:26.553   sound_port.c  EC suspended because of inactivity
 12:29:33.417   pjsua_core.c  RX 423 bytes Request msg BYE/cseq=1 (rdata0x869b9cc) from UDP
BYE sip:100 at SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-167a4a45-4a93bd0d-b5498fc;rport
Contact: <sip:101 at>
From: "101"<sip:101 at>;tag=6a231b74
To: "100"<sip:100 at>;tag=eJib-NS5y6fJOHSgsptfBhFlyoswTZxB
Call-ID: f8T9ktOvsnA3N1h6PAi2hwW.2rIMajJX
User-Agent: miniSipServer V2.6 (100) May  4 2009
CSeq: 1 BYE
Max-Forwards: 70
Content-Length: 0

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