[pjsip] SRTP problem

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Tue Aug 25 08:19:08 EDT 2009

When making an SRTP call in QjSimple it get the following error:

14:17:10.425  pjsua_media.c  Opening sound device PCM at 16000/1/20ms
  14:17:10.456       pa_dev.c  Opened device Microsoft Soundmapper - 
Input(MME)/Microsoft Soundmapper - Output(MME) for recording and 
playback, sample rate=16000, ch=1, bits=16, 320 samples per frame, input 
latency=100 ms, output latency=100 ms
  14:17:10.456     ec05AB2D30  Creating AEC
  14:17:10.456     ec05AB2D30  AEC created, clock_rate=16000, channel=1, 
samples per frame=320, tail length=200 ms, latency=100 ms
  14:17:10.456       pa_dev.c  Starting Microsoft Soundmapper - Input 
  14:17:10.456       pa_dev.c  Done, status=0
  14:17:10.456   pjsua_call.c  Making call with acc #0 to sip:bot at pjsip.org
  14:17:10.456    dlg05B0012C  UAC dialog created
  14:17:10.456  pjsua_media.c  Media index 0 selected for call 0
  14:17:10.456 transport_srtp  Failed generating random key: unspecified 
  14:17:10.456   pjsua_call.c  Error initializing media channel: Unknown 
error 259800 [status=259800]
  14:17:10.456    dlg05B0012C  Dialog destroyed
  14:17:10.456     QjSimple:   Error calling buddy: Unknown error 259800 
  14:17:10.456   qjsimple.cpp  leaving on_callButton_clicked ...
  14:17:10.488       pa_dev.c  Player thread started
  14:17:10.488       pa_dev.c  Recorder thread started
  14:17:10.488     ec05AB2D30  Prefetching..

Any hints what could be the problem?


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