[pjsip] NOTIFY with status terminated AND reason 'deactivated'.

Saúl Ibarra saghul at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 20:02:00 EDT 2009


I while ago I asked about pjsip handling NOTIFY requests terminated
state but I think I got a little confused, I can now explain better :)

Lets assume user A subscribes to user B, having an XCAP server around.
A will get a NOTIFY with 'pending' status, which is OK, and when her
subscription is allowed she'll get 'active' status.

Now, user B decides to remove watcher A from her rules. A will get a
new NOTIFY request with 'terminated' status BUT 'deactivated' reason.
Now, according to RFC 3265
(http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3265#section-3.2.4) PJSIP should
re-subscribe to that buddy.

deactivated: The subscription has been terminated, but the subscriber
      SHOULD retry immediately with a new subscription.  One primary use
      of such a status code is to allow migration of subscriptions
      between nodes.  The "retry-after" parameter has no semantics for

Hope I made myself clear now :) Any chances this can be fixed?

Best regards,

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