[pjsip] Registration state?

nir elkayam nir.elkayam at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 01:53:45 EDT 2009

hi all,

in pjsua_acc_info there is not a state variable.
in the code from symbian_ua_gui:

static void on_reg_state(pjsua_acc_id acc_id)
    pjsua_acc_info acc_info;
    pj_status_t status;

    status = pjsua_acc_get_info(acc_id, &acc_info);
    if (status != PJ_SUCCESS)

    if (acc_info.status == 200) {
if (acc_info.expires) {
    PJ_LOG(3,(THIS_FILE, "Registration success!"));
    if (g_cb.on_reg_state) g_cb.on_reg_state(true);
} else {
    PJ_LOG(3,(THIS_FILE, "Unregistration success!"));
    if (g_cb.on_unreg_state) g_cb.on_unreg_state(true);
    } else {
if (acc_info.expires) {
    PJ_LOG(3,(THIS_FILE, "Registration failed!"));
    if (g_cb.on_reg_state) g_cb.on_reg_state(false);
} else {
    PJ_LOG(3,(THIS_FILE, "Unregistration failed!"));
    if (g_cb.on_unreg_state) g_cb.on_unreg_state(false);

there are few cases where i am not sure what the new state is:1. Unregistration
failed - it is still register? will it try to register again when the time
out comes?
2. when temporal registaration (re-registration) fails, will it try to
register again?


ניר אלקיים
טל: 050-3930056
nir.elkayam at gmail.com
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