[pjsip] strange IP fragmentation problem

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Wed Aug 26 04:26:19 EDT 2009

Klaus Darilion schrieb:
> Adrian Georgescu wrote:
>> There is or was a default message limit in pjsip set to 2K, I forgot 
>> precisely in which file it is but you can edit the value if you find it.
> Thanks for the hint:
> pjsip/include/pjsip/sip_config.h:
> #   define PJSIP_MAX_PKT_LEN           2000
> Benny, I think this is a bit short sighted - presence data easily 
> exceeds 2000 bytes.

Hi Benny!

Your conference bot suffers the same problem.

IMO this needs some improvement in pjsip.
1. Increase (or drop) PJSIP_MAX_PKT_LEN
2. If a request is not accepted due to overlimit, pjsip should
    - log it
    - respond with 4?? Message too big


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