[pjsip] STUN changes in pjsip 1.4

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Fri Aug 28 04:52:51 EDT 2009

> Thus, the STUN requests from port 6666 are not answered by 
> stun.pjsip.org. As next thing I tested using another STUN server and 
> everything worked fine. I found out that STUN resolution fails with 
> stun.pjsip.org if my local SIP port is 6666 or 6667. Thus, I suspect a 
> broken firewall configuration at stun.pjsip.org (or somewhere inbetween).

Update: 6666/7 are the IRC ports which are blocked by my upstream 
provider. Thus, stun.pjsip.org is working fine - the problem was with my 
upstream provider.

Nevertheless there is still a bug in pjsip as its get confused by this.


PS: Wouldn't it be smart by pjsip if random ports never uses 6666 or 
6667 as those ports are very often blocked by ISPs.

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