[pjsip] enable TURN and ICE

Hasan H mailstohasan at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 06:47:15 EDT 2009


I want to do p2p audio. To do that i think i need to enable TURN and ICE.
But i am confused about STUN. Do i need STUN too?

To enable STUN i used

cfg.stun_host = pj_str("stun.pjsip.org");

To enable ICE  i used

med_cfg.enable_ice = 1;

To enable TURN i used

    med_cfg.enable_turn = 1;
//    med_cfg.turn_conn_type == PJ_TURN_TP_UDP;
    med_cfg.turn_server = pj_str("ip:port");
    med_cfg.turn_auth_cred.data.static_cred.username = pj_str("uname");
    med_cfg.turn_auth_cred.data.static_cred.data = pj_str("password");

please correct me if i am wrong with those configuration..

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