[pjsip] pjmedia only in linux kernel

Ted Merrill voice at embuildsw.com
Thu Dec 3 19:10:47 EST 2009

Does anyone have opinions on whether putting putting pjmedia
into the linux kernel (with the remainder of pj stack in user
space for safety) would significantly reduce latency on a busy
system? The theory is that, in addition to avoiding round trips to
user space, the code in the kernel could be made to run at
signicantly higher priority than would be possible in user space
(aided by some suitable locking).

Although the entire pj stack seems to have been ported to linux 
kernel, there is no code provided to run pjmedia in a different
process (or processor!) than the upper part of the stack...
some sort of system of messages would need to be used to "remotely"
connect pjmedia with the upper stack.
Has anyone thought about issues involved with this?

Has anyone recently run the entire pj stack in the linux kernel?
recently run parts of it? Is it still working?

Ted Merrill

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