[pjsip] Not Able to receive incoming call.

sangram desai desaisang at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 02:11:02 EST 2009

We have downloaded the PjSIP 1.5 code and built it for windows mobile.
We are currently working on SIPEK mobile application(
We are trying to build the latest dll using PjSIP 1.5 stack and SIPEKmobile
 code. It is getting built properly and we are able to make a call from WM
handset to X-lite on desktop.
But somehow we are not able to receive a call made from X-lite to our
Debugging the application showed the problem in the following code in
pjsua_call.c in pjsua_call_on_state_changed() method.

call = (pjsua_call*) inv->dlg->mod_data[pjsua_var.mod.id];

if (!call)





Here we receiive the Call as NULL and the code is returned from here.

For incoming call(INVITE Session)the pjsua_var.mod.id is set to 6.

The session is sameone that is created and one that is passed to this

Strange thing is that there is already a built in dll(the one that we are
trying  to build) using PJSIP stack version 0.3.110. it is available at
SIPEK site -

If we use this dll then everything works fine and we are able to receive a

Any idea on the above issue will really help us as its urgent as we are
working on this issue for quite a long time now but not getting any idea as
why this is happening.


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