[pjsip] building for the iPhone

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at vafer.org
Sun Dec 20 17:30:19 EST 2009

> You should be able to compile with your last attempt, by modifying the (if I
> remember correctly) aconfigure.in file following the changes made to the
> ranlib command being run. You can find the changes needed on the Siphon
> googlecode wiki.

Indeed I forgot to apply the actual patch. Doh! :)

I am still wondering about the GCC 4.0 vs 4.2 issue though ...and why
one has to create the symbolic links when the path to the compiler etc
is explicitly defined. Shouldn't something like this be enough in

	export RANLIB=$DEVROOT/usr/bin/ranlib
	export AR=$DEVROOT/usr/bin/ar
	export CC=$DEVROOT/usr/bin/gcc-4.0
	export CPP=$DEVROOT/usr/bin/cpp

Why is the build system searching for e.g. arm-apple-darwin9-gcc instead?

> Sorry for being brief, but I'm on holiday without access to my mac...

Thanks for answering! Enjoy your holiday! :)


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