[pjsip] PJSIP on current Android version

Jerome jmy at laposte.net
Fri Dec 25 12:59:01 EST 2009

Hi !

(sorry if this message is duplicated, not sure if it was received 
I am trying to update a previous port of PJSIP (1.0.3) for Android 1.1
on Android 1.6 but I have issues with the audio driver  (testing with
the sample program recfile). After double checking the implementation
and doing many many tests, I have troubles finding out where the problem
is. GDB showed me that the crash was occurring when interfacing with the
android driver. I have a doubt on the implementation of the audio driver
as it creates a new object AudioRecord without using pj_pool. Is it
possible that it would mess with memory allocations ?
I would be glad to have a little help as I have spend a lot of time on
it and would be glad to use pjsip to provide android with a strong voip
application. (I join the android driver implementation file if it can help).

Thank you much !

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