[pjsip] G729 Integration into WinMo App

Re Mo remo9071 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 05:54:34 EST 2009

Hi all

I am a developer of a Windows Mobile application that uses PJSIP as a SIP
I would like to integrate G729 into my code and would like to get some
feedback on the following questions:

   - Which source codes are available for G729? It's OK if they are paid
   - Can the Voiceage G729 code be integarted into PJSIP? If so, is there
   any documentation/tips on for making the integration?
   - Has anyone integarted the Intel IPP libraries into WinMo apps?
   - If anyone has tips on the best way to integrate G729 into my code he'll
   have my blessings.

Thx in advance
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