[pjsip] cross-compile for xscale iPAQ h4350

Woscek, Martin W. mwoscek at mitre.org
Tue Dec 29 08:42:14 EST 2009

Hello all,

I have cross compiled pjsua for an iPAQ 4350 (xscale) running Angstrom's Linux (basic h4000-x11----image).

I do the following to build pjsip on my development machine (Fedora10):

export CFLAGS="-mcpu=xscale"
./configure arm --host arm-linux -target xscale | grep xscale

Example snippet of the successful compile (looks good):
arm-linux-gcc -c -ggdb -Wall  -DPJ_AUTOCONF=1 -mcpu=xscale   -I../include -I../../pjlib/include -I../../pjlib-util/include -I../../pjnath/include -I../../pjmedia/include \
                -o output/pjsua-lib-xscale-unknown-none/pjsua_media.o \

Problem is I receive the following when I try to execute on PDA:
sh:  pjsua-xscale-unknown-none: not found

Am I missing something?


Martin Woscek
The MITRE Corporation
mwoscek at mitre.org<mailto:mwoscek at mitre.org>

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