[pjsip] Pjsip don't work on IPv6 ?

cedric leveque levequecedric at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 5 06:30:31 EST 2009

I want to use PJSIP in IPv6 so :
1) I put #define PJ_HAS_IPV6 1 in config_site.h
2) I change in simpleua.c #define AF pj_AF_INET() to #define AF pj_AF_INET6()
3) And I compile PJ_SIP, but when I run the simpleua programs, it doesn't work because it can't create UDP socket.
I put some log on sip_transport_udp.c and I see that pj_sock_addr_init doesn't init addr (pj_sockaddr).
If I use pj_inet_pton and pj_htons to manually set addr, pjsip_udp_transport_start6 can't create socket it said :
"Unable to start UDP transport: No space left on device"
I don't really understand this error, I have enough space alaivable on my disk, so I don't understand.
I use IP : 2001:2000:0:10:1:1:1:2/64 and port : 5070
When I use pj_inet_pton I give in parameters a pj_str_t that contains "2001:2000:0:1:1:1:2"
I don't know if I don't use correctly PJSIP or if there is bug, but I know my IPv6 configuration are correct on my PC because another PC could ping me with address write upper.
I work on Fedora 7.
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