[pjsip] PJSIP_EINVALIDURI on nios2

Giorgio Bongiorni g.bongiorni at selta.it
Thu Feb 5 07:33:48 EST 2009

Hi everybody.
I'm trying to port PJSIP on an Altera demoboard using StratixII FPGA 
with nios2 soft-processor running uClinux operating system.
I compiled the executable on my PC (on fedora 10) with the configure options
--host=nios2-linux --target=i686-linux

I managed to run the executable on uClinux with the following options

--id sip:123 at
--realm *
--username 123
--auto-answer 200

but when i try to make a call (e.g. to sip:201 at, i receive 
this error message:

pjsua_call.c Making call with acc #1 to sip:201 at
pjsua_call.c Dialog creation failed: Invalid URI (PJSIP_EINVALID URI) 

I explored the pjsua_call.c and noticed that the error was caused by the 
"Init local contact." section.

Has anybody ever had the same problem?
Could someone help me, please?

Thank you so much.

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